Replica Hysek Abyss 44mm Tourbillon Watch Reciew

Hysek Abyss Replica watches

Replica Hysek Abyss 44mm Tourbillon Watch which is really a high-luxury extension of the brand’s contemporary dive-style watch collection. Have maintained many of the core designs that Hysek himself set forth. One of his most popular designs was the Abyss watch collection. From its simple origins comes this.

The Swiss Abyss Replica design is diver-style with a modern twist. This tourbillon model in 18k gold is only water resistant to 30 meters, which is the same as many Patek Philippe dress watches. My point is that this is a sports-style watch, versus an actual sports watch given its durability. So, for those cowboys wanting to rock a gold tourbillon in the waves, there might be (just a few) other better choices.

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Hysek Abyss Replica watches

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The Hysek Abyss Replica Watch case is 44mm wide and, again, here in 18k rose gold. The bezel (non rotating, I believe) has a nice sapphire crystal insert, and a nice clean look to it in combination with its diver-style design. One of the better design features of the Abyss case (in addition to the cool proprietary screws) are the articulating lugs with angle up and down for a better fit on the wrist. Hysek likes to calls these lugs "swiveling horns." The flanks on the sides of the case hearken to Gerald Genta's classic designs.